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Jeff and his Home Watch Neighbor Company was recommended to us by our realtor as the condo we bought is currently our second home and we are not there a lot. Our realtor has worked in the community for decades so we knew Jeff must be good if she recommended him!  And he certainly is! He is extremely professional, thorough, reliable, and trustworthy. The peace of mind we have knowing Jeff is checking in on our condo is very comforting. Jeff has a long list of items he checks on and with the easy-to-use online portal, we know exactly when he has visited and can then sign on to the portal to see how his visit went. Jeff takes pictures of anything he deems out of order or even just something out of the ordinary (like road work on the street in front of our condo recently). He also leaves comments about what he found, if anything, on a particular visit.  When we signed up with Jeff, he met with us at our condo and spent a lot of time with us going over what he offered and with absolutely no pressure. Jeff excels at what he does and we highly recommend him!

Ken and Michelle 

Fountain Hills, AZ

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